Save Berlin Fest 09

A Slideshow of the Event:

Drawings and Proposals:
Tempelhof Metropolis - Mark ReederMichael Martarano
Berlin Wall Ladder - Peter Rudolph
Wrecking Ball Crane - Peter Rudolph
Car Parks - Lucas Gray
Ruetli Campus Proposal - Lucas Gray
Kollwitzplatz Pedestrian District - Katja Pfeiffer
Architecture Project on the Spree - Anneke Hillman and Manfred Kaiser
Köpiburg - Dan Borden
Teufelsberg Monument - Dan Borden, Heidi Kull
Battle of Berlin - Dan Borden, Michael Martarano
Crocheted Satellite Dish Covers - Karina Griffith
Berlin Zentral: save(R) Tempelhof - Another Architect Studio
Lake Berlin - Carl Smith, Oliver Miller, Ryan O’Shea
The Berg - Mila Media & Design
Serve Berlin - SLAB MAGAZINE
Peach Beach, Forward ever, backward never

Paintings and Installations:
S&M Dreamscapes - James Murphy
Untitled Installation - Gunnar Neumann, Zee Boudreaux
Invisible Walls - Jean Ulrick Desért
Untitled Installation - Jason Benedict
Untitled Installation - Alex Storonkin
Refugia - Niklas Goldbach
Untitled Installation - Elmar Vestner
SAVE BERLIN Paintings - Ket Ket Voom
Four Paintings - Robert Lange
Untitled Installation - Florian Weiss
Public Pool - Terrell James
Night Vulture Drawings - Anna Basbacker & Ulla Loge
Berlin Corners - Christina Fischer
Visual Memory Installation - Viviana Alvarez
SAVE BERLIN Video Booth - Lucas Gray, Christian Nordqvist

Endangered Sites - David Beecroft
Cities Change - Brian McBride
Untitled Photo Project - Jim Avignon
Fading - Skye von der Osten
Photo Collages of Berlin - Marie Dix
Untitled Photo - Elmar Vestner
Bloody Berlin - photos and drawings by Letizia Mariotti & Chiara Buccheri
Untitled Photographs - David Johannson

Film and Video:
The Last Days of the Palast - Reynold Reynolds
PROLOGUE - Niklas Goldbach
Recorded Performance - Madeline Stillwell
Friday November 13 - Gabriele Stellbaum
Bauakademie Proposals - Nachwuchsarchitekten
Ostkreuz - Thomas Kretschmer
Virtuelle Mauer - Tamiko Thiel
Fast Schloss - Thomas Eller
Portrait of Karina Griffith - Christian Nordqvist
Bist Du bei uns? Wir haben gewonnen! - Pierre Wolter

Bridge Markland
Lady Gaby
Gender Fukk Drag - James Murphy
Dogwalk Project - La Machine (Sonia Noya, Carol Börjesson, Onofre Caldentey, Anthony Vouardoux)
Fashion/Dance Event - Fay Alice Studio
S.A.V.E. - Ze Coeupel, Ambra Pittoni and Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano with Yusuke Yamasaki
Creating Social Sustainability - Scott Bolden and Florina Speth (Cello)
Live - Evolution - Linda and Julia and Ines and Julia
Brian Mitchell - Guitar, Gosia Winter, Fay Alice StudioThe White Noise Supremacists, The Gecko, Distress, The Shaidon Effect, Wynton Kelly Stevenson, DAYELes Haferflocken Swingers, DJ Flohmarkt.


Friday 13 November:
6 PM till late: Art Vernissage and Opening party with performances, live music and DJs: Brian Mitchell - Guitar, Gosia Winter, Fay Alice Studio, The White Noise Supremacists, The Gecko, Distress, The Shaidon Effect

Saturday 14 November:
12 PM: Saturday Souk - big Berlin bazaar in and around the pool featuring vintage, art, handmade and homemade products sold by Berliners - entertainment by DJ Flohmarkt
6 PM: Film and discussion evening: documentary film Nicht-Mehr, Noch-Nicht kicks off a panel discussion on urban policies since the fall of the Berlin Wall, including the current challenges and alternatives for the future.
7:30 PM: Panel discussion with Martin Rein-Cano (landscape architect), Topotek 1), Jakob Tigges (The Berg, Mila Burö), Daniel Dendra (architect, anOtherArchitect), Ares Kalandides (branding expert and urban sociologist, INPOLIS and CREATE BERLIN), and Michael LaFond (architect and city planner, eXperimentcity)
9 PM till late - party with performance, live music and DJs: Wynton Kelly Stevenson, DAYE, Les Haferflocken Swingers

Sunday 15 November:
12PM - 6PM: Exhibition
12 PM-2 PM: Save Berlin Brunch Buffet - a banquet of homemade food.
12 PM-2 PM: ExtremBasteln: while parents eat, kids build their ideal Berlin in miniature, helped by two Berlin artists
5 PM: Presentation by Scott Bolden, with Phil Cooksey (Piano/Keyboard) and Florina Speth (Cello)
6 PM: Cabaret 2029: Gabriel Walsh hosts an extravaganza of independent Berlin talents including Bridge Markland , Lady Gaby, Ben Knight, McStupendous, Summer Banks, Catiwhompus plus the spectacle of DogWalk, a combination fashion show and boxing match.